Sundarban German Bakery

A Modern Bakery Unit has been established in Nandakumarpur, Raidighi under South 24 Parganas district involving the village women of Sundarban region. This is a new venture of Sabuj Sangha to set up one production unit of bakery items owned and managed by the SHG women. Six women are working in 3 shifts. The prime objective of the project is to help the village women get skilled in biscuits, bread and cakes and cookies and help them to generate income for themselves and their family resulting in better status for themselves in the family and in the community. The bakery is equipped with civil infrastructure, locally made mid-size baking ovens and other equipment. Volunteers as trainers from Germany having knowledge and interest in baking procedures is providing training on technical knowhow for production, setting up the unit, baking procedure of items & packaging and to manage the village bakery unit by the women through both theoretical and practical sessions. The Bakery will also produce protein rich biscuits, which will be flavorsome and nutritious for the malnourished children and others. The trainees will also be trained on simple accounting, preparing record (recipe etc.), writing documents as well as basics of nutrition science as a part of the theoretical course. The Bakery unit has beeninaugurated on 12th December 2015 at Nandakumarpur.