Community Health Programme

The female Community Health Workers (CHW) are selected from the respective operational communities and trained on ANC & PNC care, child immunization and other allied issues in regards to safe motherhood. The CHWs intervene at the community level through awareness generation on pregnant/lactating mother & child care, immunization, nutritional food and advice also refer them to health institutions including Rural Health & Training Centre (RHTC) of the organization for institutional delivery ensuring safe motherhood.

They visit individual houses, identify pregnant women including malnourished ones; advise them for nutritional supplementation, antenatal checkup, institutional delivery and follow them up. The community health workers also accompany pregnant women and lactating mothers visiting health institutions for checkups. The CHWs organize health awareness camps at the community level generating knowledge on several health issues among the people, attend fourth Saturday meetings every month at Gram Panchayat office, share their findings and work together with the Government health personnel like ASHA & ICDS workers and ANMs.