Health & Nutrition

The healthcare scenario in our targeted operational areas is challenging. In addition to natural disasters creating health hazards, there are limited healthcare facilities, a lack of awareness about appropriate health and nutrition practices, and limited financial resources.

The work programme of our dedicated healthcare team has a strong curative health component, focused on:

  • Reducing maternal and child morbidities and mortalities;
  • Improving general health amongst families;
  • Increasing awareness of health and nutrition issues;
  • Linking communities with service providers and implementing various schemes in partnership with the state health and family welfare department.
Core Focus Areas
Healthcare Access
An absence of healthcare facilities and poor rod infrastructure in rural areas means that many communities are unable to access basic healthcare with many illnesses going untreated. Our two health facilities in the Sundarbans, the Rural Health and Training Centre and the Out-Reach Centre, provide access to basic health care services. Operated out of these facilities, our health and nutrition initiatives seek to improve the overall health in communities by increasing awareness amongst local communities of the importance of institutional deliveries, general hygiene practises and proper diet. We also conduct a range of health camps in the community; ensuring quality professional healthcare is available on their doorstep. Both general and specialised camps are conducted. Specialised camps include gynaecology, optometry and paediatrics. Information dissemination is also a key component of these camps.
Maternal & Child health
A key focus of our health and nutrition activities is maternal and child health. Maternal and child health in the Sundarbans is extremely poor, and well below the state and national average. An absence of healthcare facilities results in low institutional delivery and as a result high maternal and infant mortality rates. Over half the children under 5 years of age suffer from malnutrition while nearly a third of women are underweight. Our Safe Motherhood in the Sundarbans programme aims at reducing maternal and child mortalities through increased ante natal and post natal care. Pregnant women are facilitated to register their pregnancy at Government sub-centres and encouraged to undertake institutional delivery through various Government schemes.
Community Engagement
Community engagement is essential aspect of all health and nutrition activities. Our healthcare staff holds regular health camps throughout villages in the Sundarbans to spread information about the importance of a nutritional diet and sanitation practices. Our staff also work to link communities with service providers so that patients can access mandated Government services and schemes.