Model School in Sundarbans (KSSN)

One co-educational model school with classes up to VIII standard has been established by the organization at Nandakumarpur and is presently affiliated by the Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal. The boys and girls of nearby areas those deprived of schooling facility, public or private are getting opportunity of education in this school, even many of them are first generation learners.

The parents from poor families who can't afford education cost of sending their children to other schools, send their children in this school since the costs are affordable. The syllabus followed similar to Government schools and apart from normal lessons the children get opportunity of extra-curricular activities like art & craft, games & sports, work education etc. The trained teachers provide education in a non-threatening joyful environment, which makes students interested in attending school. Learning materials and uniforms are provided to these children. They also get periodical health checkup facility.