Capacity building of women & formation of SHG

In mid ninety's both economic and social status of women living in Sundarbans were absolutely poor. The only tasks they had to perform were giving child birth, caring children and other family members, household work and some of them working as domestic helper. They had no role in social activities and decision making and always were dominated by males. Majority was unable to work in a dignified occupation but exploited through several ways.

In this situation Sabuj Sangha took initiative organizing poor women to form Self Help Groups. Over the years hundreds of Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed at the hamlet level and capacity building initiatives taken through in-house trainings and handholding process. At the village level SHG clusters have been constituted with representatives of all the groups and similarly, SHG federation with cluster representatives. Presently this SHG Federation is registered as "Sundarban Mahila SwanirbharGosthi Cooperative Society Limited (SMSGCSL)."

In the beginning the groups started with savings practices and later started internal lending for the small income generation venture. The clusters and federations are taking part in decision making for community development interventions like selection of beneficiary, recommending deserving group member for loan, household level Pond Based Integrated Farming (PBIF), loan repayment also representing any community level programme and others.