Organic Farming

The needy families having four/five kathas of land and small water body within the homestead land have been selected involving local Self Help Group (SHG) Clusters and Sundarban Mahila Swanirbhar Gosthi Cooperative Society Limited (SMSGCSL). After verification through home visits the families are provided training on pond based integrated faming and financial assistance as loan. The components of pond based farming include re-excavation of pond increasing water harvesting capacity, vegetable cultivation on the pond embankments also other vacant places through improved technology, fish culture in the pond, rearing of hen/duck and preparing organic manure vermin-compost with earth worm cow dung and organic substance. The produced goods primarily meet up consumption need of the family and rest are sold to local market. The beneficiaries repay the entire amount of assistance through small monthly installments. The SMSGCSL is responsible for regular monitoring of these families assisted and collect installments developing community fund. The repaid amount is recycled to provide similar support to other families and thus, the programme is sustained. In paddy cultivation through both traditional and Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI) method organic manure are used reducing the use of chemical fertilizer. This is an environment friendly faming without chemical fertilizer, which increases fertility of soil and prevents degradation of soil quality.