Relief & Rehabilitation

Natural catastrophe is a common phenomenon in Sundarban region. During disaster period in the past years Sabuj Sangha responded to situations with its own team, resources and local task force/people and conducted relief operation to reduce pain and sufferings of victims. The people especially the women, children and aged were rescued, shifted to safer places, schools, Gram Panchayat office or temporary shelters and provided dry food, drinking water, medicine, ORS, soap, blanket, tarpaulin etc. Regular health checkups and treatment were done for the sufferers by the medical team. The local Gram Panchayats were highly cooperative for taking up relief action by the organization and worked together.

Sabuj Sangha requested to local Panchayats, civil society organization even International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) extending their support for affected people and received positive response from them. As rehabilitation of the victim families after relief operation; Sabuj Sangha constructed disaster resilience low cost houses, community toilets, repair/renovation of tube wells and provided material support (bamboo, bamboo mat etc.) reconstructing their houses.