Residential School

Children have the right to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. When faced with poverty, many children are deprived of this basic right. In a large number of cases, parents are forced to send their children to work to generate an additional source of income. Many of these children end up working in homes, shops and hotels. In other cases, parents are forced to go to the city in search for work, often working long hours. As a result, the child has to remain at home and carry out the domestic duties that their parents are now unable to fulfill.

However; in order to prevent child labour practice, Sabuj Sangha took effort running one residential school in its registered office location at Nandakumarpur. There is residential accommodation and the children stay and study in this school. They are provided age-appropriate education and on completion are mainstreamed into formal system. Food, learning material including IEC, school uniform, shoes, school bags and other materials are provided and the children are taught and taken care by 24 X7. Health checkups of children are done by the medical team of the organization once a month.