Gender Equality

The Organisation is promoting gender equality through several of their programmes which are focusing on various aspects of the same like promoting healthy relationships with the female family members of respective families and respect them. Sharing household work is another concept and there should be no demarcation between the jobs of male and female and should be equally divided. Also, removing the 'touch' factor from the minds of people since childhood through mixed sports. Mixed Sports is a unique concept introduced in Netherlands by an organisation 'Yojna' for the first time to encourage gender equality through sports. They have tried the judo for smaller children and korfball for older children and the result was excellent as winning the game has become less important than the existence of the opponent. When both boys and girls play together, yell together, have fun together, they play seriously and with respect and therefore they forget the gender difference and never think that they are different.

Child Help Line (1098)

As a Collaborative Organisation in the CHILDLINE network, Sabuj Sangha responds to calls and provides immediate services to children according to their needs for rescue, shelter and medical support among others. CHILDLINE is a national initiative for reaching out to children in distress through a toll free helpline – 1098 operationalised through a network of organizations.