Skill Training

"Parama Nursing Education Programme" was initiated by Sabuj Sangha to equip the girls to become self-reliant. Another reason for starting the nurse's training was the problem in getting trained nursing staff to take care of the patients in remote areas and to enhance employment opportunities for young women from the region. Sabuj Sangha has initiated a 12 months training programme to train local youth as nurses. The girls are selected from poor families of the communities; undergo the yearlong training that includes theoretical as well as practical sessions. The syllabus includes human anatomy, home nursing, midwifery, antenatal & postnatal cares of pregnant women and lactating mothers, child care, immunization, nutrition, the merits of institutional delivery, use of contraceptives, treating burn cases, handling medical equipment's and accessories etc. In addition, the programme makes effort to improve skills of the trainees in communication, leadership, computer operation etc. Women who complete the training are either absorbed at the hospital or are helped to find employment in outside hospital and nursing homes, including in Kolkata as nursing assistants.