Plastic Free Gangasagar – Clean Gangasagar

 An Awareness Drive by HRDP Parivartan in Gangasagar Mela

Gangasagar Mela- has remained an annual pilgrimage of religious belief since ages take place during Makara Sankranti (tentatively on 14th January) every year. More than 40 lakhs people from across the globe gather at Gangasagar in Sagar block of Sundarbans – the southernmost point of West Bengal

With festivity this enormous population rush along with eateries and selling goods at the shores of rivers and Bay of Bengal Coast, an enormous impact on environment also booms up at Sagar with huge scattered and indiscriminate solid waste including Plastics.

This year the HRDP Parivartan Project Team of Sagar block from 12th to 16th January, 2024 organized a 5 Days Plastic Free Awareness Campaign at Gangasagar Mela area to address the issue and induce plastic free environment. Paper Bags were also distributed to encourage stop using plastics.

A Beach Cleaning Drive was also organized to encourage people keeping the beach clean.

Aligned with the objectives of Holistic Development and saving the Nature of HRDP Parivartan, this campaign created a wave among the Pilgrims and Tourists through behaviours change communication (BCC) on restraint throw away behaviour and usage of plastics.