Success Stories

PuspaKajli, 53 years of age wife of Mr. GobardhanKajli was living with her husband, two sons and two daughters in Maheshpur village under Lakshmijanardanpur Gram Panchayat of South 24 Parganas district. Puspa’s family was too poor and had to maintain family in extreme financial hardship. Gobardhan had only two bighas of land including homestead and the yield from the land wasn’t adequate for family consumption. He used to go to dense Sundarban forest with a group of people collecting honey and wood to earn more. One day he was attacked by tiger in the forest but narrowly escapedwith the help of others. He was shifted to hospital, treated and became cured. After this incidence he lost his ability to work and couldn’t find any other livelihood option to earn daily bread. In the meantime, somehow he arranged marriage of his elder daughter and his both the sons separated with their own families. The sons were daily wage earners; yet didn’t help their parents in their miserable condition.

SabujSangha was continuing integrated development programme including education health, livelihood, water sanitation etc. in this area and undertook one survey identifying poorest of the poor (POP) families. Puspa’s family was one of the 400 identified POP families. The programme was intended to extend need based support to POP families and SabujSangha had linked Gobardhan with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for one life insurance in his name. Apart from this, he was supported with 100 chicks and other materials for bird cage, feed, medicine etc. setting up one homestead poultry. Technical training was also provided to Puspa on poultry farming and she along with his husband stared raring bird and gradually increasing earning.

One day in 2008, suddenly Gobardhan died by heart attack at his 53 years of age and Puspa became helpless. After demise of her husband she got Rs. 30,000/- as insurance money and spent Rs. 20,000/- for her second daughter’s marriage. Husband’s sudden death was a thunder shock to Puspa; yet didn’t lose her confidence running the poultry. She continued poultry alone with care and hard labour and presently increased number of birds to 150. Her present earning is Rs. 1,500/- per month and made a savings of Rs. 10,000/- in Achintanagar Bongiya Gramin Bikash Bank, Achintanagar Branch. She is now well experienced and skilled enough on poultry farming and provides guidance on chicks raring, feeding, medicine application to fresher poultry farmers.
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