Kulsum Khatoon

Kulsum Khatoon is a 20 years old girl living in a small promiscuous slum in Kamarhati area, her family belong to a very poor condition, her father is a daily labour and earning 4000 R.s per month.

Kulsum had drop out when she was in 12thstandard because of the financial crisis of her family and was doing the fals & pico stitching work with her mother to support the family, she became hopeless and depressed when she was came to knew that her father was attacked by the cornice heart disease, in that time there family condition was not so good to bare the treatment cost in the hospital.

When we were doing the auto campaigning in there locality then she came to knew about our three months facility management training and enrolled her name, during the training period she faced different types of challenges like in maximum time she not received the bus fare from her family member and her relatives didn’t allow her to send her in the regular classes in the training institute, she was impeded by her relatives.

By the efforts of her mother at last she completed the training and got job in the Barbeque nation Indian food chain and now she earning Rs. 6500 per month. She is happy to doing this job independently and supports her family; her dream is working at the five star hotels in future.