Networking & Advocacy

Apart from usual programme implementation Sabuj Sangha has active initiative establishing networks with different likeminded civil societies, government departments, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI), national & international organizations, different forums and grass root level groups. Through these networks the organization had been exchanging ideas and views as well as seeking need based support to enrich the quality of programmes. In order to make development intervention successful collective efforts are taken with the network partners at times. Sabuj Sangha has strong conviction on networking and strives expanding the umbrella of network with sincere initiates continuously.

Advocacy is the important area of concern of Sabuj Sangha. The organization takes continuous effort for advocacy with local Gram Panchayats (GP) extending support to needy poor families through MGNREGS and other Government schemes. Programme personnel attend fourth Saturday meeting at GP office every month and advocate providing adequate health services by the Government health personnel. Advocacy meetings are conducted with the Government officials, PRI members as well as Block, District and State level administrations. In such initiatives the organization places its successful innovative models of development interventions convincing authorities for incorporation of such models in Government programmes. Sabuj Sangha also continues advocacy with the national and international agencies, corporate houses and individuals seeking support to launch and run integrated development programmes for the wellbeing and improved quality of life of underprivileged people of un-served and underserved communities.