Research & Studies

Normally, before designing any programme for any area data collection, compilation and analysis are done ascertaining the overall status of the community includes problems, sufferings and need. Besides, in order to understand certain issues critically studies and researches are conducted with external technical institutions, as well as with the in-house resource of the organization. Various technical institutions involved in studies and research. Indian Institute of Health Management & Research (IIHMR) conducted a Study titled ‘How healthy are the children of Indian Sundarban on June2013,’ NIO & Basantidevi College conducted a Study on ‘The Tidal Variation in the Sundarban Estuarine System, India.’ Sabuj Sangha conducted a Study on the issue of maternal and child health in Sundarban island areas, showed the grave situation of infant and maternal mortalities.

Environmental study in the deltaic region revealed the causes of rapid desertion of mangroves, soil erosion, gradual disappearance of indigenous species of fishes, fauna & flora, etc. Sabuj Sangha conducted one head count survey of homeless population in 141 Kolkata Municipal Wards.