Roshan Ara

Roshan Ara is a married women living with her two children in a small pocket area of Kamarhati slum. when she  was in eight standard she left her study because the financial disability  of her family ,afterwards she fall in to love with a Casino boy at the age of 19 and got married, but… Continue reading Roshan Ara

Rajesh Kumar Sahani

Rajesh Kumar Sahani is an 18 year old boy belongs to a most marginalized family, live in a small slum pocket of Khidirpur area with his family. He dropout from his studies after completing 8th standard because his father had faced an accident and he was bed reined and his family also undergone from financial… Continue reading Rajesh Kumar Sahani

Anwari Begum

Anwari Begum is a 22 years old girl. She resides with her mother and sister in a small slum pocket of Metiaburz area at Kolkata. She lost her father at the age of 13 years and her mother became very defenceless at that time, they gone through financial crisis and other societal problem but her… Continue reading Anwari Begum

Ehtesham Rahman

Ehtesham Rahman is a 19 years old charming girl living with her family at a small slum pocket area of Metiabruz location; they are belonging to a very vulnerable situation in their locality. When Ehtesham was in X standard she had dropout due to the financial problem of her family, unfortunately that time her father… Continue reading Ehtesham Rahman

Kasif Iqbal

Kasif Iqbal is a young man of 21 years live with his parents and siblings in a small pocket area of Metiabruz slum in Ward No. 135 of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC). He has faced many hard challenges since his childhood which made him industrious and hard working. His father works as shop keeper in… Continue reading Kasif Iqbal