Ehtesham Rahman

Ehtesham Rahman is a 19 years old charming girl living with her family at a small slum pocket area of Metiabruz location; they are belonging to a very vulnerable situation in their locality.

When Ehtesham was in X standard she had dropout due to the financial problem of her family, unfortunately that time her father was depart from his job due his physical illness and being unable to support financially in the study of his girl.

In that time the low income was not fulfilling the demand of their family and Ehtesham went to Raipur Chattirisghar for doing the Catering work to support her family, she was earning 3000 R.s per month in the catering session.

But accidently she was attacked by one type of cornice blood diseases in her work place and came back to her home.

Ehtesham thinks that she supposed to be a burden to her family, from the early childhood she had ignored by the other family member, the poverty always affected the social harmony of their family, and side by side she always tried to come out from the most unpleasant situation of her family.

One day she was informed about our Facility Management training by our office staff and joined our three months skill development training after the completion of training now she is working in the Indian Restaurant chain ’’ Barbeque Nation’’,  here now she earning Rs. 5417 per month.

She has personally give thanks to our organization and so happy to be with us to giving him in that type of opportunities.