Extension of Digital Financial Literacy (DFL) project in Murshidabad District of West Bengal

We are very proud to announce that in 2019, Sabuj Sangha initiated the Digital Financial Literacy project namely, “Digital Sakhi” in collaboration with L&T Finance Ltd. in East Midnapore district. In 2023, Sabuj Sangha successfully reached out to 7.5 lacs of population through this project, and now it has expanded in Murshidabad district, targeting 5 lacs of population between the age group of 15–65 years. On August 3, 2023, the Digital Sakhi project in Murshidabad was officially launched in the presence of Ms. Apurva Rathor (Group Head – Secretarial, CSR & Sustainability, LTF), Mr. Samir Sharma (Group Head – CSR & Sustainability, LTF), Mr. Kiran Kadam (Chief Manager – CSR & Sustainability, LTF), Local Business Head Mr. Tara Gupta Jena from LTF, other Business Team Leaders, and Mr. Ansuman Das (Secretary & Director, Sabuj Sangha) along with the identified Digital Sakhis of Murshidabad. Some of the digital sakhis who have been recognized as catalysts and changemakers in East Midnapore District were also present.

In the launching programme, total 150 participants were present and the Digital Sakhis of East Midnapore shared their experience on how their lives have changed from being housewives to being established changemakers, which helped them highlight their own identity in front of the community. Through the Digital Sakhi Project, we aim to promote Digital Financial Literacy, Digital Financial Inclusion, bridge the digital divide, and enable individuals, especially rural women, to unlock their full potential. Moreover, this project will extend its support to 600 more women entrepreneurs by helping them develop robust business plans and facilitating backward and forward marketing linkages. Also, this project will find out about on- and off-farm alternative livelihoods.

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