Fani Cyclone & Its Aftermath

The Fani Cyclone
The cyclone Fani with above 200 km/hr wind speed made a landfall in Puri (Odisha) on 3rd May 2019. It was categorised as a super severe category 4 cyclone. Leaving behind a widespread damage to resources and property, it brought the lives of 15 million people to a standstill. The severity of the cyclone continued to wreak havoc and affected coastal areas of West Bengal in the islands of Sundarbans.

Initial assessments indicate the following:

• 5 lakhs houses were destroyed
• Agricultural lands of paddy, pulses, etc. were destroyed, facing saline water inundation
• Plantations of coconut, banana and natural vegetation were uprooted
• Loss of livestock and cattle fodder unavailability
• Loss of fishing equipments
Relief Interventions undertaken by Sabuj Sangha

An immediate relief intervention was undertaken by Sabuj Sangha with support of a public sector company. The interventions reached 10,000 families in 5 blocks of Gop, Puri Sadar, Nimapara, Brahmagiri, Pipli in Odisha and 2 blocks of Sagar and Namkhana in West Bengal. The following relief materials were distributed within a span of three weeks following the cyclone:

• Tarpaulin
• Wax Candles
• Matchboxes
• Chivda (Rice flakes)
• Sanitary napkins
• Biscuits
• 10 mtr rope

Sabuj Sangha is working in the five blocks mentioned above with with relief initiatives. However, the need is much more. To ensure that the communities return to their original state, a rehabilitation programme must be implemented in the affected areas. Sabuj Sangha aims to support the communities with basic amenities like safe shelter and energy efficient solar lanterns.
To donate towards rehabilitation interventions, click here: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/rehabilitation-programme-for-cyclone-affected/