The coastal villages of Sunderbans are always preying to corrosions and devastating Natural Disasters e.g. Super Cyclones, Floods etc. A notable part of the population here are landless. But pretty often the frequent Natural Calamities contribute to their miseries and their lives impacted. Their already estranged lives drift deeper to gloom.

Major section of the landless population here sustain on daily wage works in cultivation activities or animal husbandry at a very small scale.

Sabuj Sangha as a civil society organisation rooted to Sunderbans with their commitment is focused to ascertain continuous and sustainable development of vulnerable deprived population here. To beat the misery now going to distribute ‘Goat’ to around 120 such landless marginalised families.

Goat’ rearing is one of the very important and suitable livelihood options for the landless poor population. Consuming Goat Milk is conventional practice here. Following traditional beliefs it is also taken as safeguard from Cold & Cough. Also the Meat of Goat is highly popular among affluent class here. The ‘Goat’ project is going to start from December, 2020 and will be completed on 31st March, 2021.

We intend to distribute the ‘Black Bengal Goat’ breed. The Black Bengal goat is a breed of goat found throughout West Bengal. This breed is usually colored black but also found in brown, white or gray. It is a high quality breed produces good quality and higher amount Milk than other local breeds. The quality if the Milk is good too.

Under this project, female Goats will be distributed among the identified marginalised families in the first year (1st Year). 2nd Year onwards we will cover more number of families through distribution of Litter of Fawns. We will distribute 2 Female Goats to each of the families so that they get the baby(s) within 6 months time.

We will also provide Sheds for the Goats, feeds for them, seeds for the Feed Grass (Hay) cultivation at their homestead land. Veterinary & Insurance support for the Goats.

Within 6 Months of Distribution of the Goats the Litter of Fawns will be produced and the beneficiary will start getting Milk. After next 6 months they will earn more by selling the Male Goats and Transfer Babies to other families. Thus, more numbers of Families will be included within the Project purview.

It is expected the families will be able to increase their income level by selling of Milk & Meat. The health and nutritional status of Children of this area will be also improved through consumption of the produced milk.

Thus the project will be a Replicable Model for the adjacent poor areas in improving overall development of a family. This endeavour is supported by IndienHilfe, Deutschland e. V.