Self-defence is Important for Women

Nature ensures one’s Physical & Mental capacity of any creature to protect themselves from any threat or tyranny and to protect their own dignity- The Self Defence

Human is no exception. But with the cycle of time and evolution Human loses its own natural instinct and capacity for self-defence. Situation for women/ girls is worse than their male counterparts.

Human constructed patriarchal social dictums continue to deprive women and girls of their basic rights to live with dignity and self-respect. With progress of time though there are numerous laws and rules that speak about protecting such rights, yet they often seem only a mere declaration in reality across the world.

So is the situation in various parts of India- remote villages and in the high-rise metropolitans. Women/ Girls still endure the pains and threats by remaining victims of deprivation and oppressions in various forms- within the families and in greater social spectrum- Sexual Assault/ Abuse only just a form of it- by the unknown enemies and also by the so called beloved ones brothers, fathers, uncles, friends and so on- the cycle is unending .  

Here lie the essential needs of Self Defence- in forms of Empowerment – physically, economically and socially.

Working since many years with the struggles of ensuring Self Defence for women in so many various forms – Sabuj Sangha now has become a known institution among the women of remote villages of Sunderbans, East Midnapore and Alipurduar and also at different slums of Metro cities like Kolkata and Bidhannagar. Empowerment with the lessons of Education, Awareness, Economic Self -reliance and physical trainings of Judo, Karate, Taikondo and alike