Observation of International Tuberculosis (TB) Day

On 24th March 2023, Sabuj Sangha in collaboration with SBI Foundation observed the International TB (Tuberculosis) Day 2023 at Nimtijhora Tea Garden. The objective of the event was to raise awareness about the global epidemic of tuberculosis and the efforts required to eliminate the disease.

The event was even brighter with the presence of some renowned dignitaries such as, Dr. Subhash Karmakar (BMOH of Kalchini Block), Bijesh Chandra Nath (Head Master of Nimtijhora High School) and Suparna Sarkar (CHO) ANMs and ASHAs of Nimtijhora Suswasthya Kendra.

Activities Undertaken:

In the active participation of Block Medical Officer and the local health authorities, the following activities were undertaken during the observation of International TB Day:

  • Health Camps: Free health camps were organized at Nimtijhora Tea Garden to provide different health facilities to the people. 4 different specialized doctors (Gynecologist, Dentist, ophthalmologist and General Physician) were simultaneously checked up the patients. In the medical camp the patients were also provided with free medicines with free laboratory tests. Many pregnant women, lactating mothers consulted with the gynecologist regarding their issues and availed free laboratory services has been taken from this camp, a large number of patient were came with dental problem, a huge number of people came with eye problem, we also checked their eye, vision screening and also we linked them with one of West Bengal Government scheme ‘Chokher Alo’ and given free spectacle and other people also checkup themselves. The detailed list is given below-
SL NoServicesNo of Patients
1Gynecologist Service56
2Dental Service79
3Ophthalmologist Service207
4General Medicine169
5Laboratory Test157
  • Awareness Session: An awareness session was conducted with community people and local school students. The main objective of the session is to raise awareness among the students as well as community people about tuberculosis. The session was conducted by a health expert who explained the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures of TB. Around 400 students and community people were participated in the session.
  • Nutrition Table:A nutritional demonstration table has been displayed on this day, the main objective was to educate people about the importance to adhere a healthy lifestyle and consumption of healthy foods (vitamins, proteins, fat and sugar) in our lives. Through the demonstration we let the participants know about the nutritious foodsand also our experts explained the benefits of green vegetables.

Media Coverage:

The event received extensive media coverage which helped in reaching out to a larger audience. The local newspapers, TV channels, and online portals covered the event and highlighted the importance of observing the International TB Day.


The event was successful in creating awareness about tuberculosis among the general public. The participation of a large number of people in the health camps showed the eagerness of the people to learn about this disease. The awareness session helped in educating the younger generation about the disease. The event received good media coverage which helped in spreading the message to a larger audience. We will continue to work towards eliminating tuberculosis from the world by creating awareness and supporting the fight against this disease.