Report on Swasthya Mela

On 22nd March 2023, Sabuj Sangha in collaboration with the SBI Foundation, organised a ‘Swasthya Mela’ at Mahakalguri Gram Panchayat, Alipurduar II block, Alipurduar District, West Bengal.

The event was even brighter with the presence of some renowned dignitaries such as, Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee (CMOH of Alipurduar District), Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta (BMOH of Alipurduar II Block), Dr. Subhash Karmakar (BMOH of Kalchini Block), Anirudhya Lahiri (Jt. BDO Alipurduar II Block), Anjali Biswas (Pradhan of Mahakalguri Gram Panchayat) and Uttam Barman (Head Master of Khapsadanga High School).

The event started with the lighting of the lamp and a welcome speech by the dignitaries, followed by the activities. Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee (CMOH of Alipurduar District) gave a speech regarding the work Sabuj Sangha and the SBI Foundation are doing. He further expressed his gratitude and appreciation for organizing the Swasthya Mela in this remote village in Alipurduar district. All the present dignitaries looked around the whole Swasthya Mela and also interacted with the doctors and nurses regarding the services they are providing. Our Secretary, Mr. Ansuman Das (Secretary & Director, Sabuj Sangha), in a briefdeliberation mentioned the activities of Sabuj Sangha for marginalized communities across West Bengal. He further mentioned on the organization’s collaborative effort in providing health services in the hard to reach forested areas of Alipurduar district. He also mentioned that the organized Swasthya Mela will have a wider impact among the vulnerable communities of Alipurduar and contribute to raising awareness on health & hygiene issues, the need to access institutional health services, and the need to avoid unscientific methods of healing. He added that in the present context, there is a high need to go for blood grouping and nutrition issues for all school-going children

A total of 4 special camps were held in this event, i.e. Gynaecological services, Dental services, Eye services, General Medicine. Also there was Laboratory test camp was present. Total 897 patients availed services through these camps. The detailed list is mentioned below:

Sl. No.ServicesNo. of Patients
1Gynaecological services95
2Dental services157
3Eye services235
4General Medicine245
5Laboratory Test165

The event remained a great success. All the patients showed their gratitude towards Sabuj Sangha and SBI Foundation.

The event thus ended with a good note by Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee (CMOH of Alipurduar District).

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