Training Program Report: Agriculture and Fishery Training for Farmers

Agriculture training programme with farmer’s group represents an essential initiative aimed at empowering and enhancing the agricultural practices of local farming communities. On 21st December 2023, a transformative training program was held at the Atalia Resource Center in Shimurali Gram of Nadia District, involving 91 farmers from five villages, i.e. Narapatipara, Rameswarpur, Atalia, Kumarpur and Harishpur of Nadia District. The program was organized by Sabuj Sangha and supported by SBI Foundation under the Gram Seva Program, featured a panel of experts from the agricultural and fishery department of West Bengal. The discussions were made on topics such as Boro paddy cultivation, crop yield, scientific methods, precision farming, organic techniques, and efficient water use. The program also provided information on government schemes supporting farmers, enabling them to make the most of available resources for better farming practices and increased income. The event was involved community stakeholders, with the Gram Seva Program staff and Gram Seva Committee members playing crucial roles in ensuring the program’s success. The program aimed to build a sense of community and collaboration among farmers, promoting sustainable and prosperous farming practices in the Nadia district. The programme fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging farmers to share traditional knowledge and experiences, creating a rich platform for mutual learning. Additionally, the training emphasizes the use of modern technologies. By engaging with farmers groups, the training program not only imparts essential skills but also cultivates a sense of community and collective responsibility for sustainable agriculture.