Training workshop on Animal Husbandry among Women’s Self-Help Group

The training program on animal husbandry is a crucial initiative aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to individuals engaged in the care and management of livestock. On 22nd December 2023, a comprehensive training program was held at the Atalia Resource Center in Shimurali Gram Panchayat, Nadia District, to empower 68 women from various Self-Help Groups (SHGs) by the esteemed presence of the Block Livestock Officer of Kalyani Block and Prani Mitra from Shimurali Gram Panchayat. The program focused on goat, hen, and duck cultivation, providing practical insights on feeding practices and breeding strategies. The workshop aimed to equip women with knowledge to enhance livestock well-being and productivity. Women shared their challenges in animal care and received personalized advice. The workshop also explained government schemes and services for animal husbandry, helping women apply and qualify for these programs, as well as covered the well-being of animals, including vaccinations and access to medical help. Life insurance was also discussed, emphasizing the importance of securing valuable assets and providing financial safety for women involved in animal husbandry. The workshop received strong support from Gram Seva Program Staff and Committee Members, making it a commendable effort to empower women in the Nadia district.

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