Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation

Education plays a very important role in the life of human beings. India holds a strong determination to educating all children, particularly girls. Education for girls is crucial from every aspect of life and society. In comparison to an illiterate woman, an educated woman enjoys a healthier life. The child of an educated mother can never be uneducated. It is an important element for the foundation of a strong Nation.

Even after establishing education to be a fundamental right, there are various obstacles that prevent a girl child from getting an education. Girl’s education is still a less popular option in rural places. Only a few people have recognised the significance of educating a girl.

Despite the fact that the government has launched several programmes and regulations, we are still trailing behind in providing education to girls. The issue here is not one of implementation, but of people’s basic degree of dedication.

It is important to spread awareness among the people about the need and significance of Girl education and efforts have to be taken by the society. Education, in general, is important for everyone and an educated girl is no less than any boy. Time has come when parents must start showing equal faith in the girl child too, only then the society and the nation would be called a “Developed Nation”.