News Bulbul Response

Very severe cyclonic storm ‘Bulbul’ made a landfall on Sagar Island and impacted the entire coastal zones of North and South 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal on 9th November, 2019. The ‘Bulbul’ gale wind was at 120Km/ hour speed and left devastating impacts on houses, cultivation fields, roadways, trees etc.
More than 2.5 Lakhs people are deeply impacted with the severity with their lives, source of livelihood and the essential requirements of life that is needed highly to maintain a normal dignified life. The natural catastrophe left the people of villages under Sagar, Patharpratima, Namkhana and Mathurapur II administrative blocks and adjoining areas in deep crisis by becoming either homeless overnight and took refuge at Cyclone Shelters arranged or at severe anxiety of serious damage impacts through fall of trees damaging the roofs and walls. Overnight they became homeless and took refuge under the Cyclone Shelters.

As part of their consistent effort towards response to Natural Catastrophes with prompt action on 09.11.19 the ‘Sabuj Sangha’ team consistently visited the Bulbul Cyclone affected villages and relief shelters. With their robust and sensible team all through the day and nights of 9th -10th November, 2019 ‘Sabuj Sangha’ with its Medical Team and other Members became active participants of the relief work.
Immediately from the very next day i.e. 10th November, 2019 onwards ‘Sabuj Sangha’ team started reaching the affected families of the impact areas in Sagar, Patharpratima and Mathurapur II with tarpaulins, food grains, basic materials and other immediate relief materials.
Consequently on 12th & 13th November we made Rapid Impact Assessment in the impacted areas by Drone Technology with support from HCL Foundation and Humanitarian Aid International, New Delhi. It is seen that the Residential Houses (pucca & kuchcha both), Cultivation Fields (mostly with commercial crops e.g. Paddy, Beetle Leaves, Vegetables etc.) are totally ruined out either by braking down or by wiping out.
People in the impact zone are still ailing by deep traumatic mental order and needs continuous support to get rehabilitated and restore back to normalcy. We appeal everyone to extend their kind support for the misfortune sternly affected populace due to sudden landfall of ‘Bulbul’ severe cyclone